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Create your own Flash-based interactive gameshow-style game
You have to answer 15 questions correctly to try and fling your teacher away.
Whole application has been carefully designed for ease of use. The generator interface allows you to save and load your data files. You can thus easily differentiate, adapt and improve your games.
New – SCORM compliant, meaning scores can be tracked with your VLE.
The game can be used an a wide variety of situations – is fantastic with a entire class via an interactive whiteboard and projector.
Easily link your games into existing online materials – ideal for intranets, websites and VLEs.
Based around multiple-choice questions together with ‘helplines’ – ‘Take two away’, ‘Take a vote’ and ‘Ask an expert’. Each correct answer helps construct the trebuchet to fling the teacher away.
Your own game in minutes – type your questions in, press generate – that’s it!

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