Why is it important to learn English?

Why is it important to learn English?

Imagine yourself being able to efficiently and fluently converse with 1.6 billion people around the world. Imagine a single thing that could improve your chances of being hired by 32%, or that could improve your educational opportunities immensely. Perhaps you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that there is an all-encompassing answer – the English language.

There’s a chance that learning English in school has discouraged you from continuing – hours of trudging through dreary grammar rules, reciting simple sentences and having no other motivation than receiving a good grade. Maybe you even had a bad experience that has sworn you off the entire language. This is no reason to halt your studies when there is a whole new world at your fingertips upon learning English. Here are some reasons as to why learning English can be life-changing:

  • Huge population of speakers reaching far and wide across the globe: With 57 countries declaring it as an official language – you will be able to travel at ease throughout a quarter of the world’s countries. About 400 million have English as a first language with a further 1.2 billion people claiming proficiency in the language. Taking these large numbers into account – you’ll never be too far from an English speaker anywhere in the world. This can provide you with a sense of security in your travels alongside an increased sense of belonging due to being better able to participate in the culture. It isn’t called the “global language” for nothing.
  • Increased desirability towards employers: Some corporations are making the decision to function solely through English, regardless of the official language of the country they are based in. What’s even more, the majority of deliberation, trade, and communication is undertaken in English. Your potential as an English speaker will set you apart as a clear asset to their company. Not to mention you will be capable of finding work in one of those 57 English speaking countries. Your ability to speak, read and write English is vital in today’s international relations.
  • Gives you access to some of the world’s most prestigious universities: English is the principal language of higher education. Oxford, MIT, and Harvard are just some of the top-league education establishments that you will need a high level of English to attend. An abundance of educational material is also published in English, acting as further motivation for learning the language. So, if you have set your sights on continuing or pursuing your education – you may want to begin with studying English.
  • The predominant language of media: Subtitles can be tiresome and momentarily distract you from the show or movie you are watching. Dubbed over audio can appear false and diminish your enjoyment. Since the majority of media is released primarily in English – you can solve these issues by going directly to the root of the problem and learn more English.
  • Expands your knowledge: English is not only the language of the media or business – it is also the language of literature and science. You will be able to pick up on knowledge that was previously unavailable to you by upgrading your English level. You will have the ability to enjoy some classics of literature in their native language all-the-while polishing up your language skills.
  • Improves brain function: Learning a new language builds new connections between different sections of your brain – increasing your cognitive abilities and making you sharper. With the immense amount of brainpower that it takes to memorize new vocabulary and navigate the intricacies of grammar – you can view language learning as an intense workout for your brain that leads to innumerable benefits in your life. Encouraging brain activity also staves off the onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

It is clear to see just why many students around the world are choosing to learn English. Take advantage of these spectacular benefits today and start your journey towards fluency. Good luck!

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