A course will change your English learning experience

A course will change your English learning experience

Learning a foreign language is a multifaceted and complex journey for everyone, and learning English is very important to some of us. With so much material to cover and the need for constant repetition – dedication and motivation are a must. Recent research has proven that, though students tend to think otherwise, they actually tend to learn considerably more within a classroom environment. This, of course, extends to English learning students and we shall discover why in the following points.

English-only environment

In a classroom of fellow students all trying to learn the same thing, without even having to leave the country – you will find yourself completely immersed in English. Everyone leaves their native language behind once they cross over into the classroom and surround themselves with English words and sentences. There is truly no better way to pick up on a language than to spend a set amount of time a day completely dedicated to it.

A teacher’s guidance

An English teacher can answer your specific and rare questions that not even google could figure out. Not only that, but a teacher can discover your weaknesses and help you to work on them, whereas you often will neglect this weakness if studying alone. A good teacher gives you that gentle push that you need to continue improving your English level while catering to your specific needs and those of your fellow students.

Working towards a shared goal

You will find yourself amid like-minded students who are all working towards achieving the same goal – fluency in English. No one will want to fall behind and everyone will want to continue learning at the same pace in order to keep up.

Instant feedback

In a classroom environment, you will naturally be asked questions. Upon answering the teacher will have the opportunity to correct any mistakes you have made, helping you to immediately correct them and not allow them to fossilize into bad habits.

Make new friends

Making friends with fellow students from English-speaking countries can be hugely beneficial to learning English. The opportunities to learn English become endless. You can practice your English with your new friends anywhere, anytime in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. You can even learn slang and sayings together – things that might not always be delved into in a classroom. Learning always starts in the classroom, as opposed to acquiring, which can start in the real world. The idea is that learning a language starts in a classroom but should never stop there.

Dedicate time towards learning English

When there’s always just another thing to be done; another homework assignment, another cup of coffee to drink, another friend to call – it can seem like you have no time for learning English at all! By setting apart a fixed time for a course you’ll feel obliged to attend and dedicate some time towards your learning process – learning English is important after all.

So why don’t you sign yourself up to a class today? Even an online course could work in your favor. Take the leap and get studying; you’ll be fluent in no time! But remember to avoid common mistakes of learning English in order to achieve the best results.

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