Most effective methods of learning English

Most effective methods of learning English

We all have different preferred learning methods. Whether you learn best by reading, listening or visually – there is a perfect formula for attaining fluency in a new language. Perhaps you have been finding learning laborious and have deemed yourself not part of those “super language learners.” Truth is – they don’t exist. We can all be language learners if we find the appropriate technique and routine that works for us.

The key for some is learning in a classroom environment where they can converse with fellow students and learn in unison. Undertaking an English course can be beneficial as it ensures you commit to learning and there is a teacher there to guide you through your learning journey. This atmosphere can act as a form of motivation for those who struggle to fully devote themselves to the learning process. Whether it be an online, classroom, or one-on-one teaching – this method is considered the most advantageous.

One of the most neglected aspects of learning English is speaking the language itself. Taking the step to finally put what you’ve learned into words can require a lot of confidence and reassurance. This fear can be quashed by studying within a classroom and using English daily. Even video-chatting with a native who is willing to teach you English from the comfort of your home can be a good decision for those who are particularly anxious about speaking.

There are a plethora of resources for those who learn by audible means. From movies to music, you have never-ending choices at your behest. Listening to an audiobook as you go about your daily activity can be timesaving and not as demanding as alternative methods.

Repetition is crucial. If you learn by listening, you should listen to the same audio a few times a month. This repetition solidifies the language into your memory and allows you to track your improvement.

If you learn by visual means- you will not be left without resources. The immense amount of English literature and English learning books is outstanding. The internet also is a great asset to those who learn visually or by reading as you can frequent English speaking websites. Using this method can be fun and rewarding for everyone – we all like browsing the web so why not learn while you’re doing it?

Above all, it is recommended that you learn like a child. Expose yourself to the language in unintimidating and stress-free ways. Become accustomed to its flow and sounds then progress towards learning grammar and vocabulary. And the best piece of advice any language learner will give you: Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

So, take time to discover your preferred learning method; it may seem like a time-consuming activity now but I promise you – it’ll save you many potentially wasted hours in the future. There are many ways to get to know how you learn best. Try some online tests and read up on the various methods.

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